Make Data work for you

Discover Truth

With readymade and seamless integrations, collect product feedback data from across your enterprise SaaS stack or public product review sites. Discover the truth through Data Science (AI/ML), by finding the product insights that really matter from your feedback data.

Innovate Confidently

Match product insights to the most impactful product ideas recommended or sourced. Innovate confidently with configurable multi-lever value/cost prioritization framework, collaboration on discussion board, and upvote feedback from customer portal to bring objectivity.

Iterate Intelligently

Turn ideas into stories with intuitive roadmaps aligned to your Objectives and Key Results (OKR). Iterate intelligently by building release plans while measuring the impact with feedback-loop from your sprint planning tool.

Why we built Productize

We built Productize to help companies and product teams make the most of their data, and finally, get the data science reinforcements that shape most business decisions. While product teams have historically struggled with having enough time to do all of the research needed to make informed roadmapping decisions, Productize is here to help them more easily build what will bring value.

Listen to Co-Founder & CEO, Alex Schlosberg, delving more into the inspiration and vision behind Productize!

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Customers buy to step closer to pleasure or move farther away from pain. The role of every business is to offer the products their customers want and expect. After all, it’s the only way to provide value and achieve growth in a crowded, competitive market.
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