What is Product Intelligence?

What is Product Intelligence?

The Data Problem

As data has become the foundation of how our world is shaped, particularly when it comes to business, data science has become the key to unlocking the meaning behind it all. From cloud computing to speech transcription, to dynamic pricing, all the keys to success now stem from data science, AI, and ML. So the question remains, why should Product Management be left out in the cold?

When prioritizing a roadmap, product management teams may have the most difficult job in business. They have to compile, understand, and optimize for what will create the most value for customers and prospects, all while balancing the time and effort it will take to develop these features and functionality. While there are different methodologies for this that many teams use today (RICE, OKR, etc.), the problem remains that there is simply too much data for any amount of people to adequately analyze on their own.

Data as Intelligence

In today’s Product-Led-Growth vs. Enterprise-Sales-Motion world, there are many solutions that unlock data for PMs & POs. From NPS and customer reviews to competitive analysis, to product usage metrics, to feedback and feature requests from Sales and Support, these point solutions give access to everything that is fundamental to doing their jobs. The problem still remains that all of these still have to be digested and analyzed manually, one at a time. What do you do if your CEO is telling you what they think needs to be in the product, but the data suggests that the majority of your users will not benefit? 

Productize is solving this by bringing Intelligence to the product management world. Unlocking the science behind all of this data is the key to making sure that teams are always shipping what is most valuable to their customers. With data science at its core, you can validate if what your sales team is asking for matches with what your usage data is also indicating. You can immediately understand how your ICP feels about your competitors vs. your own platform. You can have a backup for when you have to say “no” to your Sales team or CEO. No longer does product analysis have to be left in the data abyss. Product Intelligence changes how we can think about prioritization, and what it truly means to create value for customers.

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