We are Productize

In 2011 Marc Andreessen famously said, “software is eating the world” as companies rely on software more. Now it is “SaaS is eating software” as more companies opt for SaaS products on the Cloud than perpetual licenses. This SaaS world created new opportunities in product strategy, product management, and product marketing. Productize is founded around helping the product community build great products 🚀 that their customers love ❤️

In his time working in startups, Alex saw so many business decisions being shaped by data science. Yet, the product teams he worked with were always struggling to make enough time in the day to do the research needed to make informed product decisions. This was the inspiration for Productize; to help them more easily build what will bring value. When working to build earlier products, Radha experienced firsthand the challenges in obtaining and analyzing product feedback data. In his experience, he saw a product not succeed strategically with go-to-market as it could not live up to the market needs and the competition.

When Alex and Radha discussed his idea, they saw a need for it from their own experiences in the SaaS world in building and selling. The vision for Productize came out of the pain points we experienced earlier for ourselves combined with best practices from in product management.