Productize’s Founding team has a combined 25 years in SaaS software, building, marketing, and selling. The experience is evident in the feature-set of Productize.

In my time working in startups, I saw so many business decisions being shaped by data science. Yet, the product teams I worked with were always struggling to make enough time in the day to do the research needed to make informed product decision. This was the inspiration for Productize; to help them more easily build what will bring value

– Alex Schlosberg

Alex Schlosberg
Co-founder & CEO

Seven + years of SaaS sales expertise at five B2B tech startups. FinTech, Retail, ECommerce products sales. Built & led high-performance B2B sales teams. Well connected with the Boston area and Sales talent.

Radha Bhamidipati
Co-founder & CTO

Fifteen + years of software solutions and product development. Product ideation to launch at two B2B tech companies. FinTech, Retail, HR, EX and CX products engineering. Built & led high performance Engineering and Professional services. Well connected with India Tech talent and startup ecosystem.

Vasu Chinta
Product Usability & Design Head

User experience designer for over 20 years. Product usability and simplification design expertise. Led usability strategy and design for startups and large enterprises. Bringing usability, simplification, and gamification into Productize design.