Ideate and Iterate

Create or solicit feature ideas

Gather & curate feature requests and ideas from all sources

Collect product ideas from prospects, customers, and internal stakeholders. Bring discussions, ratings, and feature justification into one place before it ever reaches the backlog

Streamline collaboration

Centralize product discussions
in a single pane of glass

Compile feature requests into one place and engage in meaningful discussions with collaborators. Utilize the community portal to understand what your users are discussing.

Multi-faceted feature ratings

Prioritize your features based
on what really matters

Engage in discussions and rate each feature based on the many factors that contribute to each release, including things such as effort, impact, and value.

Ship what matters most

Confidently drive value
with each release

Prioritize the things that will bring the most value and tie each to
your OKRs. Always make sure you are shipping what your buyers truly care about

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