How it works

Easily leverage software review sites

Product & Competition Reviews

Product review sites contain real customer feedback on what users love (or hate) about your or your competition’s product. Easily gather this data with Productize’s readymade integrations and know where you’re ahead or behind, and use these insights to your advantage when prioritizing your product roadmap

Seamlessly integrate with enterprise systems

Customer Conversations & Notes

With Productize’s readymade integrations with your enterprise SaaS platforms, collect valuable sales or support notes or transcripts. Leverage what your sales, support, or customer success teams are hearing from your buyers or customers

Collect and prioritize all of your inputs

Feedback & Feature Requests

Have a streamlined process to collect feature ideas from customers through Productize community portal or from internal stakeholders. Manage the constant flow of feedback that can quickly add up by proactively collecting, curating, organizing, and prioritizing which ideas to build next.

Let your users help guide your decision making

Platform Usage Metrics

With Productize’s SDK, Collect and analyze how users interact with your product, as well as which features are most often used to understand how feedback compares to usage.

Get closure to your customers

Community Portal

Build a community portal for your customers in hours with Productize community portal. Crowdsource ideas from your customers with the ability to upvote ideas they need the most. Easily provide product roadmap updates or notifications.

Leverage data science for recommendations

Analytics from AI/ML

With data science models, understand what is working well and where to invest resources next, along with recommendations on what customers need

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