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The Importance of Validating New Features and Products Before They are Launched

Validating new features and products before they are launched is a crucial step for any successful product launch. By testing out your idea or feature in a real-world environment, you can receive honest and direct feedback from your target audience. This important feedback helps you better understand customer needs and expectations as well as identify areas for improvement before the official launch. Additionally, it allows you to make necessary changes or improvements before it’s too late. Validating new features also leads to happier customers and stronger relationships with stakeholders, while increasing the chances of creating successful products.

The Top 5 Product Management Metrics EVERY Product Leader Should Be Tracking

Product management metrics provide a great way for product managers to measure the success and ROI of their products. There are many different metrics that can be tracked, but these five metrics are particularly important for every product leader.

The Hidden Costs of Product Management

The Hidden Costs of Product Management explores the often-unseen costs associated with managing products. It looks at how product management decisions can impact a company’s bottom line, explains how to evaluate and prioritize non-financial costs, and provides insight into how to better manage resources in order to reduce those hidden costs.

Product Managers: The Quarterback of Business

Product managers are the quarterbacks of software companies, functioning as the on-field, in-the-weeds captain. They research, compile data, and shape the direction for how their software products are built.

What is Product Intelligence?

Data has become the foundation of how our world is shaped. With all the keys to success now stemming from data science, AI, and ML, why should Product Management be left out?